Adriana De Moura Slams Joanna Krupa’s Wedding: Mine Was More Heartfelt!
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Adriana De Moura Slams Joanna Krupa’s Wedding: Mine Was More Heartfelt!

Real Housewives of Miami's Adriana De Moura attended Joanna Krupa's wedding this summer but she doesn't exactly have positive things to say about her experience.

Joanna and Adriana have clearly had their issues and in a strange twist, both women got married within a month of each other earlier this year. Adriana married Frederic Marq on May 17, 2013, and Joanna married Romain Zago on June 13, as we'll see on Season 3 soon.

So how does Adriana think her own wedding differs from Joanna's? “I think I had the most heartfelt, true to the feelings, family oriented, religious ceremony,” Adriana tells Hollywood Life. “I think she had a new, rich type of wedding... where everything is over the top."

"I’m not friends [with her] we are friendly," Adriana continues. "I tried to like her, but it seems every time she has a chance to put me down and make herself look better, she does it."

And in case we all didn't get the gist already, Adriana was then asked explicitly whose wedding was better, to which she responded, "Mine, of course." Big shocker!

For her part, Joanna recently said the two weddings were "never a competition between [Adriana] and I." But she also added in a subtle dig, saying, "She was already married for five years, but for me, this is like a real first wedding." Zing!

Aren't weddings supposed to be a blissful time? We're just relieved that these two didn't start a brawl at any of the weddings that resulted in someone getting pushed into a wedding cake. We'll consider that a small victory.

Source: Hollywood Life