Adrianne Curry Spills the \'ANTM\' Tea, Calls Tyra Banks \
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America's Next Top Model

Adrianne Curry Spills the ‘ANTM’ Tea, Calls Tyra Banks “Cut Throat and Numb to Others”


Way to bite the hand that feeds you.

Adrianne Curry, winner of the first-ever cycle of America's Next Top Model, has taken to her blog to reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets about the uber successful show.

Only issue? She's totally calling out host Tyra Banks in the process, and revealing just how little support she was given after her big win.

The model, now 35, goes in on the show via her blog post, "The Truth About Top Model," revealing some little-known facts about the first-ever season that aired all the way back in 2003.

Firstly, she explains how the winner was promised a beauty contract with Revlon and a modeling contract with Wilhemena Models, but after the show, neither ever came to fruition.


"[Revlon] hired me for 15k to model makeup in a room with 10 execs in it to honor said contract," she writes.

"I was crushed, but still very grateful. 15k is amazing! Top Model then dropped Wilhelmina, my agency, for another agency for season 2."

However, Adrianne admits she never saw that $15K, and, when she called Tyra to complain that Wilhemena didn't want to pay her nor work with her since they were dropped from the series, she heard "crickets" and had to fend for herself.

After she got stranded in Africa after a modeling gig there, leaving her "broke and stuck" since Wilhemena refused to pay her, the brunette beauty jumped on the opportunity to join The Surreal Life to spite Tyra and the show.

"I did the show. I purposely got wasted and skinny dipped. I took joy in knowing it would bother people," she wrote. 

"It was my Ode to F—K YOU. I took every opportunity to let press know I was never paid or given my prize. I'd talk shit about Tyra just to do it…Revenge was sweet."

Still, the former reality star, who went on to pose for Playboy twice as another "f—k you" to the show, concludes by saying she is still thankful for the opportunity.

"I AM beyond grateful I won the show. However, I was a kid. I didnt know the game of hollywood…that they really do not care about you. I had a big heart and I really looked to the show as my saviors and Tyra my angel."

 "I wish Tyra well in her life and have no hard feelings anymore," she continues. 

"She is a woman looking out for herself in a world where no one else gives a shit about you. Being cut throat and numb to others in that industry is the only way to get ahead."


It'll be interesting to see how and if Adrianne's comments effect the upcoming cycle of Top Model.

After a one-season break, where Rita Ora stepped in for the triple threat, the executive producer will regain her hosting duties in the upcoming cycle 24, which will air in 2018 on VH1.

The boss is BACK! Dont miss the return of Americas Next Top Model, coming soon to @VH1 #ANTM @antmvh1

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What do you think of Adrianne's claims? Read the rest of her lengthy blog post — she also calls out her former co-star, Elyse, too — right HERE, and let us know in the comments!