Adrienne Maloof on Her New Jewelry Line and Missing the Real Housewives — Exclusive
Adrienne Maloof on Her New Jewelry Line and Missing the Real Housewives — Exclusive
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Adrienne Maloof on Her New Jewelry Line and Missing the Real Housewives — Exclusive


Between her shoe line, vodka, and casinos, we could list Adrienne Maloof’s business ventures all day. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has recently added yet another endeavor to her long list of career pursuits: jewelry designer. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Adrienne at the Bloomingdale's Century City Trunk Show Launch for her new jewelry line, the Beverly Hills Gypsy Collection, which she says is affordable for her fans who want the BH look without the price tag. We also asked which of her former co-stars she keeps in touch with and her next step. Could we see her back on TV?

Tell me about your jewelry line. How did it come about?

Well, what I love about it is it was inspired by my fans on Housewives. They do a lot of interviews, and so it's close-up shots. And they've always loved my earrings. And I've had my fans comment on how beautiful my earrings are, so I decided to do it for my fans. And at an affordable luxury price because it's all under a hundred dollars.

Which ones are your favorites?

I knew you were going to ask that. They're all my favorite, but I do love the ones I'm wearing. The beauty of my line is that you're wearing a great pair of jeans, T‑shirt, put these on, it looks fantastic. You're going out at night, formal, you can put these on, so it's very versatile. My line is very versatile.

It's very day-to-night?

Yes, it is. Very gypsy.

What are you working on right now other than Gypsy?

My Gypsy collection, obviously, Zing, our vodka line is doing sensational and getting ready to launch nationwide and tremendous success with that. I'm working on another show. I can't really say what it is at this point, and then I have a book deal. So very, very lucky and very fortunate.

Why the return to TV? What do you miss about it?

What do I miss about it? There was some fun times. Some of the parties were extravagant and great, and when the girls are on, they're on and they're fun to be around. So that's what I miss.

What about the experience of making a TV show did you like?

Well, I think I still maintain a huge fan base. I'm very fortunate. My family's always been in the entertainment business. I'm producing, directing, so I'm very versatile. I enjoy being in front of the camera. I do. But under the right circumstance, I think.

What do you not miss about Real Housewives?

It's hard. Some of the scenes, it takes about a minute, and you're in hair and makeup for an hour and a half, two hours. So that can be difficult. Eight-hour interviews are tough. So I probably don't miss that. Most of the time, the cattiness, that can get a little much for me, but I'm strong.

Are you in touch with any of them still?

I am, yes. Camille [Grammer]'s gone through pretty much what I've gone through, so we've relied on each other, and I actually have quite a bit of advice from her at points of my divorce. She's been very supportive and I think she's been a great friend. When you do reality television, especially a show like Housewives, you don't really know what you're getting into until you get into it. And often times, people say, "Well, why did you do it?" But you don't know until you really go through it. And the only other women that understand are the women that are on the show. So in that sense, there's the camaraderie. When you have a difficult day or you're having a tough scene, whatever it might be, they understand.

I guess the same thing goes for divorce. You don't know unless you've been there?

Well, divorce is difficult, at best, much less playing it out in front of the whole world. I'm a strong woman, and I'm very positive. And my motivation is to always know that I have beautiful children and healthy, and I'm positive in the way that I think and the way that I've done for myself.

Do you think you're still open to marriage again?

Oh my God. Let's not talk about marriage right now. Let me just get through the divorce. Let's just not talk about that.

Anything you want to say about your friend Sean [Stewart]?

He's a great person. We've been friends. Through this whole ordeal we've been friends. So I wish him the best, and we're still friends.

Makes you laugh?

He's a funny guy.