Who’s Sending Adrienne Maloof Flowers? (PHOTO)
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Adrienne Maloof

Who’s Sending Adrienne Maloof Flowers? (PHOTO)

Adrienne Maloof was recently the lucky recipient of some stunningly beautiful blue orchids. But who exactly were they from?

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Twitter on October 22 to post a photo of some flowers that she just received as a gift.

So might they have been from Adrienne's new guy, 24-year-old Anheuser-Busch heir Jacob Busch? Actually, it turns out that they aren't.

"Beautiful orchids from my beautiful friend @raquelrischard," Adrienne captions the pic. "How sweet is she.."

This is a very cute gesture for Adrienne's friend to do! We think of sending flowers if someone is sick or as a thank-you, but to send flowers out of the blue like this is the sign of a great friendship.

Who’s Sending Adrienne Maloof Flowers? (PHOTO)
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And we must say, this reminds us a bit of when Adrienne herself sent flowers to Lisa Vanderpump for Villa Blanca's big party, although the flower arrangement ended up being quite large, and the other Housewives were confused by the gesture. Ah, memories.

But just because these flowers aren't from Adrienne's boyfriend Jacob doesn't mean that they aren't still going strong. In fact, they keeping getting closer, as Jacob recently joined Adrienne and her son on a pumpkin patch trip. So cute!

Adrienne won't appear on RHoBH this season, but it's great to hear that she seems so happy these days!

Source: Twitter