It seems that new casting rumors emerge each day about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The latest rumor is that Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia are both on the chopping block prior to Season 5 — so would former cast member Adrienne Maloof ever return to the show to replace them? 

In an interview by Too Fab at a recent event, Adrienne was asked whether she would ever consider returning to the show. Upon first hearing the question, Adrienne just chuckled, making it immediately clear that coming back to the show was not high on her to-do list.

"You'd have to pay me a lot of money to go back," the 52-year-old Adrienne finally replied. "Really  seriously."

So if she was in fact offered the right amount of money, would she do it? "If rules were put into place  really strong rules  anything's possible," she says. Uh, good luck getting Brandi Glanville to follow any rules. 

Hmm. So it doesn't sound likely that we'll be seeing Adrienne back on the show anytime soon. Still, Adrienne is keeping busy with her own life and is still dating the 24-year-old Jacob Busch, so she seems to be doing just fine these days without RHoBH

Would you want Adrienne to come back to the show?

Source: Too Fab