Aerosmith Almost Replaced Steven Tyler Because of American Idol Judging Gig
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Aerosmith Almost Replaced Steven Tyler Because of American Idol Judging Gig


If you think Aerosmith just wouldn’t be the same without singer Steven Tyler, you’re probably right. But that didn’t stop some of the band’s members from at least considering a new lead singer when Steven signed on to judge American Idol.

During a recent episode of VH1’s The Metal Show, Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford revealed that the band did consider bringing in a new lead singer at one point.

“When American Idol came up, it was a complete surprise to us … just one afternoon, it was like Steven’s going to be a judge on Idol, so it was a lot to get used to,” Brad explained. The possibility of pursuing a new frontman, he said, had to at least be discussed. “We had to talk about it because we’re just like ready to work all the time, so what are we going to do. So we said maybe we could put a different name on it and maybe bring somebody else in.”

Veteran rocker Sammy Hagar about the possibility and “he was really excited about it,” Brad said. But Steven’s schedule ultimately freed up, and he officially announced his departure from Idol in July.

At the end of the day, Brad agrees that Steven’s involvement with Idol was “a great thing for our band because people got to see a side of Steven that only we get to see” and introduced the group to new audiences.

Also, could anyone else really live up to the kooky frontman’s legendary stage antics?

“It’s impossible to fill Steven’s shoes,” admitted Brad.

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