Aimee Teegarden Talks New CW Show Star-Crossed and the Friday Night Lights Movie Rumors — Exclusive!
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Aimee Teegarden Talks New CW Show Star-Crossed and the Friday Night Lights Movie Rumors — Exclusive!

In The CW's new midseason show Star-Crossed, Aimee Teegarden plays Emery, a high school girl recently reunited with her childhood crush, who happens to be an alien who spent the intervening years of his childhood in a government internment camp.

Aimee talked to Wetpaint Entertainment about her role on the new show — and those constant rumors of a Friday Night Lights movie — at the environmental charity event Oceana Beach House, presented by Nautica, on June 1 in Santa Monica, Calif.

Wetpaint Entertainment: In the pilot of Star-Crossed, your character, Emery, befriends Roman and, in doing so, commits social suicide. How will that play out during the season?
Aimee Teegarden: I don’t know — I haven’t actually seen anything other than the very first episode. So I’m not sure, but I have a feeling there will be a lot of mixed emotions and ups and downs, and … fighting what your heart wants versus what your mind is thinking and what you should be doing. There’s going to be lots of good turmoil. I think it’s one of those TV shows that really captures the youth, and obviously there are aliens that are an aspect of it, but it’s not really about that. It’s really about the storylines. So, yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

Do you think Emery will befriend the other Atrian teens?
Oh no! I’ve become an Atrian wannabe — that’s what’s going to happen! I think that she sees the world in a different light. I don’t necessarily think she sees race between humans and aliens — or purple, green, pink, whatever. It doesn’t matter to her. I think she’s really interested in getting to know the individual, so I feel like if there are other good Atrians, aliens, then possibly. But we’ll see.

Where do you see Emery's romance with Roman going in this first season?
I don’t know. I feel like it’s going to be a slow burn. I feel like it might be a slow burn with some road bumps, like any good high school romance.

There’s been talk of a potential Friday Night Lights movie in the future. Any chance you would step back into that role again?
I would love to. I would love to see everyone again and put my Julie Taylor hat back on, but it really just depends on when we can get everyone together. So many people are off doing other projects. I think scheduling would be a nightmare! In a couple years, I think, it could be really cool.

Are they trying to get it going?
I’ve heard rumors and stuff here and there in conversations but nothing official yet.

So you have not been approached officially?
Nope. Still waiting for that phone call.

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