Alan Thicke Hosts “Growing Pains” Reunion; Hangs with John Stamos
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Alan Thicke Hosts “Growing Pains” Reunion; Hangs with John Stamos

Fans of nostalgic television, brace yourself. Alan Thicke’s latest episode is just for you.

The mid-season finale of Alan Thicke’s reality show “Unusually Thicke” is going to be full of our favorite television stars (of the past, of course). Alan will host a big “Growing Pains” reunion barbecue and hang out with John Stamos...because, why not.

People Magazine is reporting that John and Alan have a pretty lively conversation about a “Growing Pains” reboot with John playing Mike Seaver and adding in zombies and vampires and gay people (because you have to hit all demographics nowadays it would seem).

For real though, we’d be completely down to watch that reboot, Stamos. You should work your magic and bring some zombies into the mix.

Other highlights of the episode include a cute exchange between Alan and his wife, Tanya, who he asks if she watched “Growing Pains” growing up. Her response? “Sort of. And then I’d switch to ‘Alf.’”

Oh, Alf. It sounds like Alan’s wife had pretty good taste in television.

What do you think about this blast of TV nostalgia? Would you be down for a gay vampire zombie version of “Growing Pains?” Let us know in the comments below!

Source: People

06.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Landen Zumwalt
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