The Walking Dead’s Alanna Masterson Said The Governor “Tried His Best” With the Chambler Family
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The Walking Dead’s Alanna Masterson Said The Governor “Tried His Best” With the Chambler Family

The list of The Walking Dead characters who absolutely despise The Governor (David Morrissey) is a lengthy one that we thought included pretty much everyone, but apparently that isn’t true — at least not entirely.

During a chat with Access Hollywood, Alanna Masterson (Tara Chambler) said that while The Gov. was a sick and twisted dude, he did try to do good by her family. When asked if Tara regrets letting Brian into her life and the lives of her family members, Alanna says, “I don’t know if the word’s ‘regretting.’ I think she was made to believe that this person would protect her and he did. I mean, that’s the thing. People say, ‘The Governor’s so bad!’ But in her eyes, he helped them.”

And Alanna wasn’t done just yet, even stating that she believes one-eyed Bri really did want to protect her family. “People are like, ‘Oh, you must hate him,’ and it’s kind of like, ‘Well, you know, he did take them out of their home, where they probably wouldn’t have lasted anyway, and he tried his best — even though his intentions obviously failed,’” she continued. “I think he really did want to create a home for Megan and Lilly and Tara and then [Tara], in turn, she wanted to create a home for her and Alicia and I think she just realized — when he took prisoners — that he wasn’t the man that she thought she knew.”

We agree with Alanna that there was maybe a brief moment in time when all The Gov. wanted to do was protect Tara, Lilly, and Meghan, but ultimately his desire to destroy Team Prison and their home won out. He may have wanted safety for his adoptive family, but he never wanted peace with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). There was simply no way they could co-exist in this world.

Do you agree with Alanna’s analysis of The Governor, or do you have a different point of view on the big bad? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Source: Access Hollywood