Alanna Masterson: 6 Things to Know About The Walking Dead Actress
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Alanna Masterson: 6 Things to Know About The Walking Dead Actress

When Tara Chambler first appeared in Season 4, Episode 6, "Live Bait," she may have looked familiar to you — and not just because of her guest spot on Grey's Anatomy. Alanna Masterson, the actress behind Tara, has a high-profile family, and has made tabloid headlines a couple of times!

We're stoked that we can match the talent to the face now, but the life of Alanna is still pretty interesting on its own. Read on for six things you may not have known about Alanna, from her Fifty Shades of Grey connection to her former Disney star bestie!

Her Half-Brother Is That '70s Show's Danny Masterson. That's right: Alanna is Steven Hyde's little sister. She's also half-sister to Malcolm in the Middle's Christopher Masterson, and full-sister to Greek and Last Man Standing's Jordan Masterson.

She's Been Romantically Linked to Tom Cruise's Son, Connor Cruise. Despite rumors, Alanna and Connor maintain that they're just "close friends" — but it still looks like a Romeo and Juliet tale from a distance. Alanna's dad was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology in 2005, and Connor's dad… well, he's Tom Cruise.

Alanna Masterson: 6 Things to Know About The Walking Dead Actress
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She's Besties With Hilary Duff. Alanna exchanges tweets with both Haylie and Hilary Duff on a regular basis! The two have been buddies for a while — Alanna tweeted a throwback photo of the pair over a decade ago, and Hilary tweeted this photo of she and Alanna together, calling Alanna her boo. Cute!

She Kicks it With Fifty Shades of Grey Star Dakota Johnson on the Reg. Dakota is dating Alanna's brother, Jordan Masterson, and the whole family seems super-close! Anastasia Steele herself is a regular feature on Alanna's Instagram and Vine accounts.

She Loves Desperate Housewives. Alanna joked with a friend over Twitter that Mary Alice Young should've narrated this week's The Walking Dead, and in the process called it her "favorite show ever."

She Has a Dog Named Oswald. Does everyone in The Walking Dead cast have a dog? Alanna has a cute little dog named Oswald. Maybe she, Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) and Meyrick Murphy (Meghan Chambler) can have doggie dates!

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