The Alarming Truth About What’s in Your Kid’s Yogurt Tubes
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The Alarming Truth About What’s in Your Kid’s Yogurt Tubes

One thing we know is that almost every kids love yogurt — and it’s a part of almost every mom’s snack arsenal. Of all the lunch and snack staples, the squeezable yogurt tube is one of the most easily packable and travel-friendly items around.

While we like to think that yogurt is fairly wholesome — if not as great as say, egg whites — this Huffington Post infographic showed us that we have a lot more to be concerned about than we even knew.

It turns out that some of the ingredients that make up yogurt tubes are not only not that great for kids (or adults) to eat, but a few are downright unpronounceable: carrageenan, anyone?

Check out what’s really inside those tubes and see if you agree. The big news is that not only do they contain lots of sugar, at 9 and 10 grams, the two brands examined contain almost half of a child’s recommended sugar intake for the entire day: in one tube!

They also contain food dyes that have been linked to hyperactivity in some studies and provide no actual health benefits, as well as the above-mentioned carrageenan, a thickening additive that has been linked to insulin resistance in mice as well as gastrointestinal issues.

Yikes! Who knew there was so much weird stuff in these little tubes, and why does a simple tube of yogurt need to have ten ingredients? We’re switching to greek!

Source: Huffington Post

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06.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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