Alec Baldwin’s Cameo in Hilaria’s Prenatal Yoga Video Is Beyond Awkward (VIDEO)
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Alec Baldwin’s Cameo in Hilaria’s Prenatal Yoga Video Is Beyond Awkward (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin was probably just stopping by his wife Hilaria’s film set to say hi and drop off an avocado, pickles, and marshmallow fluff sandwich when he was attacked by hair and makeup people, thrust into a painfully drab blue sweater, and told to kneel behind his hugely pregnant wife while she stretches on camera. Suffice it to say that Alec’s most recent performance in Fit Mommy-to-Be: Prenatal Yoga just clinched this A-lister a Worst Actor Razzie.

We wish we were kidding, but Alec’s strong hands pressing on his very pregnant wife’s inner thighs as she leans forward and smiles wide is all too real. So is his less than enthused facial expressions and his body language at the end that screams “I give up. Where’s Ashton? Am I being Punk’d?”

Actually, the end was probably the best part of this slow motion train wreck. “Thanks, honey,” Hilaria coos after the two conclude their incredibly awkward 60-second stretch-and-smile routine. “It’s nothing,” replies Alec, clearly unsure if he’s even allowed to talk.

This video gem is courtesy of Vanity Fair and was popped onto the end of a quick Q&A with Hilaria. She explains that Alec actually joined her for three stretches on her DVD and “he was really great at helping me alleviate [aches and pains] through yoga stretches.”

I mean, it doesn’t look like he even really did much, but in the time between the wrap of NBC’s 30 Rock in January and the premiere of his new talk show Up Late with Alec Baldwin on October 11 on MSNBC, I guess Alec had to keep busy somehow. Anyway, he now has video proof that he was a supportive dad even before little Carmen was born.

Watch for yourself and then rate the awkward on a scale of 1 to 10, if 10 is even high enough.

Source: Vanity Fair

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