American Idol’s Alex Preston and Jill Jensen’s Relationship Comes Under Fire
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American Idol’s Alex Preston and Jill Jensen’s Relationship Comes Under Fire

Finally, we’ve got ourselves a full-fledged American Idol romance (not just rumors, as in seasons past) and it’s between former Season 13 hopeful Jillian Jensen and one of our faves to win it all this season, Alex Preston.

We love how they use social media to express their love for one another especially now that Jill’s on the other side of the country from her L.A.-based boy but, as the saying goes, haters gonna hate. And hate they did after Jillian recently posted a video of Alex to her Instagram with the caption, “I miss you already @realalexpreston.”

Jill says some meanies called her “obsessed” and said she was “acting like a teenager.” Now the sweet singer says she’s going to shun social media altogether thanks to those who offended her.

“Done with people laughing or making a joke of me. I’m just gonna get off social media for a bit. You win,” Jillian tweeted March 24.

Some people must have gone after the people they thought were behind the ultimatum as Jill followed up that tweet with “I just feel really bad cuz the people who think they’re the reason for me getting off here are NOT the reason..At all. Please leave them be.” Meanwhile, bf Alex wrote, “Man. Some people are just mean.”

We hate that this kind of negativity might squash the online love between these two. Not long ago, they traded song lyrics that were sweet enough to melt the heart of the most serious of cynics.

“‘I’ve never felt this way before, & I’ve been around for a while now. Take my hand, just walk with me, it seems loving has gone outta style now,’” wrote Alex, with Jillian adding, “& I see the truth inside your heart. No longer scared.. To open up my eyes and let love start.’”

Who’s going to start a #KeepLoveGoing thread for us? Le sigh.

What do you think of what the backlash Jillian got for tweeting her feelings for Alex? Sound off in the comments!

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