Alexandria Directs the Director! OMG Moments: ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 4
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Alexandria Directs the Director! OMG Moments: ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 4

The models fell into a burning rectangle of fire on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 4 (March 16, 2011) and lived to tell about it. Here are the top five OMG Moments from last night.

5. How is Molly’s weave still not better?

The good news: Molly’s old weave was cut out. The bad news: Molly’s new weave might have to suffer the same fate. What’s going on here? She looks so much better without all that hair. Tyra said a few more adjustments had to be made, but wouldn’t it be something to just admit this idea didn’t work?

4. Walking a runway is a lot like walking home late at night.

So. This was kinda mean, no? Not only did Sara, Hannah, and Kasia have to suffer being the bottom three in the fiery runway show, but they also had to walk home as punishment for their terrible crimes. Kasia took this process pretty seriously and made an effort to improve. We admire her work ethic, but couldn’t help but think that everyone should have gotten the chance to celebrate not burning alive.

3. Was Tyra pretending to be the guy in the commercial?

Fierce Roast Coffee. Yup. Let’s just put that one aside though. We love us some Mad Men, and the idea of the retro-style commercial was cute. But what’s interesting is that what we think was supposed to be an ironic, charming look at the subordinate role women played at work (Get it? We can be sexy and say our ideas now!) was hilariously Tyra! At panel, she had Jaclyn pretend to pick up a pencil, and then purposely dropped her photo so she would have to bend down again to get it. Did this offend us? No. Did the disconnect make us laugh? Yeah.

2. Alexandria the Great.

It could all be one big miscommunication. What Alexandria thinks is helpful, everyone else finds intrusive. Her directions on the set of the retro commercial over-stepped a few boundaries. Director Francesco Carrozzini tried to tell her that interfering with his work, the gaffer’s work, Jay’s work and even partner Brittani’s work is the kind of stuff that gets you fired real quick.

1. And speaking of fires...

Something about this challenge was strange. Maybe it was when the technician poured lighter fluid on Alexandria’s gloves. Or maybe it was the contrast between ten girls walking through flames and fifty people watching from folding chairs. It might’ve even been that the campy suspense music didn’t match the enthusiasm the models’ displayed after getting off the runway: “That was badass!” But we’re not sure anything can top Miss J’s final safety advice to the models: “Clap your hands to put out the fire. Get the hell off.” It’s the new stop, drop, and roll.


Models on Fire! ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 4

ANTM Photos: Fire and Mad Men on Cycle 16, Episode 4

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