Alexandria Sekella Says She Isn’t Bipolar
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Alexandria Sekella Says She Isn’t Bipolar

To say that Alexandria Sekella has a temper would be putting it mildly. This Teen Mom 3 star is all kinds of feisty, and her blow-out during Season 1, Episode 5 had us clinging to our Snuggie in fear (needed something to cuddle with, obvs). Alex has received quite a lot of criticism for her infamous outburst, and apparently some fans seem to think she's suffering from bipolar disorder, a condition that causes huge mood swings and periods of depression.

The verdict? Not so much. Alex might have trouble controlling her temper, but she definitely isn't bipolar.

"I started therapy right after I had my temper tantrum and was already tested turned out no," she explained to a fan who asked if she suffered from the disorder.

We're glad Alex is managing her emotions with the help of therapy, but even if she did have bipolar disorder, she wouldn't be alone. Far from it! Both Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans have been diagnosed as bipolar (in fact, Amber was diagnosed as "extreme bipolar"), and they both take medication to manage their moods.

Plus, let's be real — anyone in Alex's situation would fly off the handle now and then. Not only is she raising a child all by herself, her baby daddy is completely out of the picture and used to be a drug addict! Sure, Alex should check herself before she wrecks herself, but can we really blame her for flipping out every now and then?

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10.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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