Alexandria Sekella Says Matt McCann Owes Her Over $1,000 in Child Support!
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Alexandria Sekella

Alexandria Sekella Says Matt McCann Owes Her Over $1,000 in Child Support!

Time to check in on Teen Mom 3's most volatile couple, Alexandria Sekella and Matt McCann. These two loathe each other with a fiery passion, but they do have one thing in common — their adorable daughter, Arabella!

This kiddo lives full-time with her mom, but last time we checked, she had scheduled visitation with her pops about once a week. So, has co-parenting brought Alex and Matt closer together? Um, not so much.

According to Alex, Matt owes her a huge amount of money, and now he's being taken to court by the state for late payments. "355x8=$2,840 you have paid 516.40," Alex tweeted. "I'm not the one dragging u in for support the state is DAH."

Luckily, Alex is concentrating on what's important (read: her relationship with Arabella) and trying not to let the drama get the best of her. "I will always be the bad guy in his eyes do I care nope," she tweeted. "Arabella is happy and that is all that matters."

As far as we know, Matt still sees Arabella on the regular, but that could change if he doesn't pay his court-ordered child support. And considering that she's taken to Twitter with her complaints, it doesn't sound like Alex is about to let Matt off easy!

"Arabella goes to school and plays with friends," she tweeted. "Instead of sitting at home bitching about me on media get a job CS won't pay itself."

It's too bad that Matt has fallen behind on child support payments, but one thing's for sure: this dude loves his kiddo, and would presumably pay up if he could afford to. That being said, we understand Alex's frustration with Matt — how hard could it be to find a job? Matt could even take a gig at McDonald's for a few months just to make sure that Arabella is well provided for!

Do you think Alex has the right to be mad at Matt, or is she overreacting? Let us know in the comments.