Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann Speaks Out Against the HPV Vaccine — Do You Agree?
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Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann Speaks Out Against the HPV Vaccine — Do You Agree?

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is estimated to cause a staggering 26,200 cancers every year in the United States alone (as well as 5 percent of cancers in the entire world) according to the CDC, but there's a vaccine that can protect people from getting it. However, there's been some controversy surrounding the shot, and some reports are saying it's dangerous. Teen Mom 2's Matt McCann (aka Alexandria Sekalla's baby daddy) is concerned for the safety of his fans who are considering getting the HPV vaccine, and took it to Twitter to air his feels.

"The HPV shot, kills and has terrible side effects," Matt tweeted. "Get educated."

It's certainly true that people have reported experiencing adverse side effects after getting the HPV shot (such as seizures, strokes, and allergic reactions), but it's hard to determine whether the side effects are a direct result of the vaccine. Luckily, the majority of people who get vaccinated just have a mild fever or some pain at the injection site — much like a flu shot.

But are the potential side effects of the HPV vaccine reason enough not to get it? The Vaccine Safety Datalink analyzed the adverse effects of the shot in 600,000 cases, and after comparing the adverse effects to similar effects in people that didn't receive the vaccine, they found that these effects aren't more common in those who got vaccinated than they are in those who didn't.

It's understandable that people would still have concerns about the shot's safety, but do you think the benefits of HPV vaccines outweigh the risks? Hit the comments!

Source: CDC, The Huffington Post