Alexandria Sekella Slams Fellow MTV Star: “Get a Life!”
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Alexandria Sekella Slams Fellow MTV Star: “Get a Life!”

Time to put up your dukes, because there's a Teen Mom fight a brewin'! It's no secret that MTV's new crop of mommas are a feisty bunch, and it looks like their 16 and Pregnant homie Ashley Salazar just messed with the wrong ladies.

Ashley moonlights as a professional reporter (her speciality? Teen Mom news), and she recently wrote an article in which she implied that Alexandria Sekella was hit by her daughter, Arabella. Apparently, Alex was none too happy about said article, thought she was being accused of hitting Bellie, and tweeted "b–– wants to say I hit my child can hop off Arabella didn't even hit me she tapped me like other toddlers tap moms. Salazar get a life."

Ashley was super-quick to apologize, tweeting "I said it was cute, and i never said you hit her. She hit you. Sorry for the confusion!!" but that didn't stop Alex's Teen Mom 3 co-star, Katie Yeager, from offering her two cents.

"just block her she is a negative stalker using all of us to stay relevant and make money. #Pathetic," Katie tweeted, adding "BREAKING: Teen Mom doesn't give a crap. Link this Ashley."

Yikes, girlfriend is all kinds of riled up! But Ashley isn't rolling over without a fight. Despite apologizing for the confusion, she took it to Twitter and put Katie in her place — aka to the left.

"So because I was on TV, even though I major in journalism/writing/news, i can't ever write for a gossip mag or website?" she posted.

Sob, can't we all just get along? Hopefully these ladies will sort things out, we hate it when our Teen Moms fight!

09.6.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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