Alexandria Sekella's dad earned himself a slightly bad rap during this week's episode of Teen Mom 3 thanks to the fact that he threw shade at Alex for having a baby at the tender age of 17. Many of Alex's diehard fans took it to Twitter to slam Papa Sekella and accuse him of being uninvolved in his daughter's life, but Alex rushed to his defense!

Alex says that her pops was "always there in the [back]ground," and that he suffers from kidney failure. "My dad has kidney failure n has been on dialysis for 4 yrs he bends over backwards for me n spoils Arabella that's all u need to know," she tweeted.

Alex's dad is currently waiting for a transplant, and she even moved closer to him so he could visit Bellie. "I moved closer to him for almost 2 years he's been coming every morning before work to visit belle," she explained.

Apparently, Alex thinks her dad comes off as a bad guy on Teen Mom 3, but this couldn't be further from the truth. "They make it look like him n I are meeting up 1st in a year but u see him in background of prom footage," she tweeted.

Good to know that Alex and her dad are so close, and here's to hoping that he gets a kidney transplant before too long!