Alexis Bellino: Gretchen Is “Jealous and Territorial” About Tamra
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Alexis Bellino: Gretchen Is “Jealous and Territorial” About Tamra

"It was interesting that Gretchen was so concerned with me attending Tamra's dress shopping excursion," Alexis writes in her Bravo blog.

"Gretchen said I have been talking smack on Tamra for the past nine months, but let's clarify: I was simply DEFENDING myself for the past nine months to B.S. that Tamra had said about me and my husband," she says.

Alexis wishes Gretchen hadn't been concerned with whether Alexis would go wedding dress shopping with Tamra.

"For Gretchen to try to sway Tamra to dis-invite me, I felt she was being jealous and territorial," Alexis says. "The sad part is this day is suppose to be a happy day where Tamra is the focus, but it seems Gretchen always has the uncanny gift of making it about herself, even on Tamra's wedding dress day."

She says Slade Smiley should have handled things differently after Lydia McLaughlin was hurt by his comment about her needing a cheeseburger.

"After watching the scene, I do think Slade was joking and not intentionally trying to hurt Lydia's feelings," Alexis writes. "However, once he discovered her feelings were hurt, he didn't apologize or have compassion, which is why I think the situation escalated instead of fizzling out.

Alexis also says that her sit-down with Heather Dubrow didn't go as well as she had hoped.

"I honestly just wanted a sincere apology for my feelings being so hurt on several occasions," Alexis points out. "Regardless, I am very happy to say that we have both put the past behind us, and Heather and I are in a better place now."

Let's hope she and Heather can keep it up.

Source: Alexis's Bravo blog