Alexis Bellino: Gretchen Rossi Told Me She’s Scared of Tamra Barney
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Alexis Bellino: Gretchen Rossi Told Me She’s Scared of Tamra Barney

Is Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi actually scared of Tamra Barney? That's what Alexis Bellino is claiming.

On July 23, one of Alexis's Twitter followers commented that it was strange how Gretchen has been willing to patch things up with Tamra but not with Alexis or Vicki Gunvalson.

"It's because she was scared of Tamra," Alexis responded on Twitter about Gretchen. "She told me 3 years ago in my kitchen." Frankly, the only thing we talk about in people's kitchens is inquiring as to where they keep the Pop-Tarts and whether we can have one of the said Pop-Tarts. But apparently Gretchen and Alexis are different than us.

Tamra got wind of the Twitter convo and weighed in on what Gretchen might be afraid of. "Scared of the truth!!!!" Tamra writes.

"If it's not about her... she doesn't care!" Tamra added about Gretchen.

And when one Twitter follower jokingly referred to Tamra as "a bad bitch you don't wanna mess with," Tamra responded, "Ya, that's right. Ha." Uh, it's good to be self-confident, right?

Wow, so much for Tamra and Gretchen making progress with their friendship this season. In fact, this latest Twitter chatter is in keeping with what Gretchen tweeted earlier this month when she made it clear she and Tamra are no longer friends since the Season 8 reunion.

We can't wait to see how the reunion plays out to understand what exactly went down between these two.

Source: Alexis's Twitter