What Did Alexis Bellino Think Was the Most Shocking Part of the Finale?
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What Did Alexis Bellino Think Was the Most Shocking Part of the Finale?

Monday night was a big one for Alexis Bellino: it was the Season 8 finale of Real Housewives of Orange County and she also appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

But even with all the drama that went down on the finale — and we are talking about A LOT of drama, Alexis found something else shocking about the episode and dishes about the surprising event in her Bravo blog.

"The biggest shocker of the night was Tamra apologizing to Jim," Alexis wrote. "My husband has been the brunt of group jokes, speculation, and rumors for three years now, so to hear a true apology from Tamra made both Jim and me tear up. My head was swimming with emotions as Tamra was talking."

It looks like this could be a wonderful new start for Alexis and Tamra. "Her and I have patched things up and started over, but I NEVER anticipated her saying those things to Jim," she said.

It was so adorable seeing Jim get emotional, you could really tell that it meant to much to hear Tamra say that. "I think Jim got emotional because he puts up a tough front, but in reality, she has really hurt him. He is a big teddy bear wrapped up in a hard turtle shell," Alexis said. "No matter what front he puts up, he is still human at the end of the day. As his wife, I get to see the teddy bear side of him often. It was good he let his guard down for America to see."

Cheers to Alexis and Jim, one of the most adorable couples in Orange County.

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