Alexis Bellino: Lydia McLaughlin Needs to Put Herself in My Shoes
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Alexis Bellino: Lydia McLaughlin Needs to Put Herself in My Shoes

Alexis Bellino is surprised that she didn't get more support from Lydia McLaughlin on this week's Real Housewives of Orange County.

"When Lydia and I met for coffee, I really didn't expect her to keep asking me to be the one to reach out," Alexis writes in her Bravo blog about this week's episode.

"It's frustrating, and I truly don't feel she is putting herself in my shoes," Alexis continues. "By the time we filmed this, we had known each other for quite a few months. We'd had many serious talks, and we had hung out on several occasions, and I feel she should have a better understanding of the dynamic between the girls and me."

"It's not necessary that she agrees with me, but I had hoped she would respect my decision and support me, whether it's the same choice she would have made or not," she adds.

Meanwhile, Alexis says that Tamra Barney's speech to the women's group helped her better understand where Tamra is coming from.

"Tamra's speech was shocking and eye-opening," Alexis writes. "It doesn't excuse her behavior, but it definitely helps me understand her."

"None of us have had a 'perfect' upbringing," Alexis points out. "We have all have experiences from our past which explain certain behaviors we have. It's how we handle these behaviors that determine and mold our character."

So might Alexis and Tamra start to see eye-to-eye on some things? We never thought we'd see the day!

Source: Alexis Bellino's Bravo blog