Alexis Bellino Says Heather Should Have Been More Supportive of Malibu Country Role
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Alexis Bellino Says Heather Should Have Been More Supportive of Malibu Country Role

Alexis Bellino’s been bitten by the acting bug, as evidenced by her foray into acting classes in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 8.

So when Heather Dubrow and Gretchen Rossi were discussing being offered separate roles on the sitcom Malibu Country, Alexis chimed in by mentioning she had also been asked about her availability to appear on the show. She expected the others, especially Heather, to be supportive of her efforts. But instead, Alexis felt like she got the cold shoulder.

In her Bravo blog, Alexis explains she was just trying to relate to Heather by mentioning the Malibu Country role, not trying to steal her thunder or insinuate they were up for the same part.

It makes me sad that we cannot have a genuine excitement for each other without jealousies being involved,” wrote Alexis Bellino. “ My timing may have been off, but my intentions were not malicious.”

As disappointed as Alexis was in Heather’s reaction to getting called by the Malibu Country casting agents, Alexis took the high road by expressing her excitement for Heather’s opportunity.

The first thing I said to Heather when I heard she was leaving early because of her part on the Reba show was that it was exciting and I offered her my congratulations,” Alexis wrote. “I also explained that I never was OFFERED a role, Reba’s agent simply asked if I was available at that time and I was not. I was excited for her role and Jim and I watched her play her part.”

What did you think of Heather’s reaction to Alexis and Gretchen being offered guest spots on Malibu Country?

Source: Alexis Bellino’s Bravo Blog