Alexis Bellino Slams Gretchen’s “Pity Party” on Tamra’s Dress Shopping Day
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Alexis Bellino Slams Gretchen’s “Pity Party” on Tamra’s Dress Shopping Day

From the looks of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 13, Alexis Bellino has made some serious progress with her fellow Housewives since being thrown out of Tamra Barney’s Party earlier this season.

Alexis and Tamra have since made amends, and Alexis was even invited to browse wedding dresses with Tamra and the other ladies. But one housewife in particular wasn’t too keen on having Alexis around that day.

In her Bravo blog, Alexis slams Gretchen Rossi for being two-faced about their relationship.

When Gretchen got in the limo and said she and I aren't really getting along right now I flashed back to her hugging me goodbye at the salsa party,” wrote Alexis Bellino. “What the heck was that? She seems so confused. . .about life. I don't like or dislike her, I am simply indifferent.”

She also took offense to the fact Gretchen threatened not to attend Tamra’s wedding dress shopping date if Alexis was included.

“When Gretchen brought up that the last time Tamra and I were at an event together it became a total disaster, it makes me remember times that Tamra and Gretchen were the ones arguing,” Alexis wrote. “But things change, and they are friends now, so it didn't seem too far-fetched that maybe the same could be happening with Tamra and I.”

In the end, Alexis said she had a great time and was able to ignore Gretchen’s standoffish behavior.

This day was about Tamra, and bottom line, Tamra chose to invite me in the end. . .so Gretchen's little pity party didn't work,” wrote Alexis.

If Alexis can repair her relationship with Tamra, perhaps that means she and Gretchen will find peace by the end of the season too!

Source: Alexis Bellino’s Bravo Blog