Ali Fedotowsky on Brooks Forester: Why He Didn’t Get a Group Date Rose
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Ali Fedotowsky on Brooks Forester: Why He Didn’t Get a Group Date Rose

When we really like a guy, we’re pretty much willing to dive into balls for him. Oh wait, that’s just the way Brooks Forester shows Desiree Hartsock he likes her on The Bachelorette: By going “balls to the wall” in dodgeball (their words, our thoughts) to try and win a date with her. But just to show that he really really likes her, he also broke a finger about it. So, why didn’t he get the group date rose, when his short-shorted self sauntered back into the after party? Ali Fedotowsky has your answer.

It’s obvious that Brooks and Des have chemistry, considering they made their 1-on-1 date on Episode 2 look really fun, even though it involved a weird abandoned bridge rug-dancing ritual, a flowing hair contest, and a staring battle for the ages. And Episode 3’s under-blanket kiss was no different. (Real talk: when Brooks was all “Okay, kiss me,” our whole office swooned.)

So, what’s the haps? “She probably wanted to, but couldn't,” Ali says of Des’ choice to give the group date rose to ten-working-fingered Chris Siegfried instead.

Uh, what? Isn’t the show supposed to be about what she wants to do? (Otherwise it would be called Ready for Love.) “He just had a one-on-one date last episode and it would be too obvious that she's into him if she gave him a rose at this point,” the Season 6 Bachelorette continues.

But fear not, Brooks fans (Foresters? Brookies?), the floral omission wasn’t necessarily a sign that things are amiss with Forestsock (yes). “He was one of two guys kissed on the group date as well, so she's definitely into him.” Meaning, he was one of the 84 guys she kissed this episode...

So is he gonna be the one? Ali’s not so sure anymore... Last week, she was saying that Brooks would either win or be the next Bachelor, based on his editing so far. Now, she’s leaning toward the latter. “Every season the producers/editors play up one person's story so we fall in love with them, see them get their heart broken, and they feel invested in them finding love again.” Ummm, paging Des... “So far the only love connection I am really drawn to is the love story between Desiree and Brooks.”

Will he win? Will he be the next Bachelor? Will we forget all about him when the gang leaves LA next week and starts their jet-setting ways? We’ve already heard what Ali has to say. Now tell us what you think.

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