Ali Fedotowsky: Brooks Forester Will Either Win or Be The Next Bachelor
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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky: Brooks Forester Will Either Win or Be The Next Bachelor

The (Hollywood) hills were alive with the sound of chemistry after Desiree Hartsock wined, dined, and danced Brooks Forester into our hearts on The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 2. The Salt Lake City guy is tall, dark, handsome, and wears a tux like a champ, so it’s only natural that he would look awesome with Des. And former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky agrees that things are looking good for a future between the two.

“I think Brooks will either be the guy in the end or be the next Bachelor,” Ali says in her E! Bachelorette blog. Wow, that’s a lot of confidence after a mere two episodes!

True, the two did have a pretty wonderful 1-on-1, complete with a trip to the bridal shop, a date on the Hollywood sign, and a super sketchy dinner date on an abandoned bridge. But then again, it’s easy to have a great date when ABC is running the show. To find out if they have real chemistry, they’ll have to throw a little real life at this fairytale.

But Ali isn’t deterred by all that. “I'm calling it now,” she continues. “He just seems like such a down to earth, humble guy. The exact words I would use to describe Desiree. I see a great match here.” Until their date, he hadn’t been featured at all, and based on photos ABC released for next week’s episode, he’ll be falling back into the group when ten guys and Des play dodgeball.

After their alone time together, will Brooks be able to “keep his head up” (Andy Grammer! You know, that random guy who gave a private concert on their date...) while watching her go down the same path with the remaining fellas? Will Brooks still be able to stand out? And, most importantly, will he be the one Desiree ends up with in the end, or just the next guy to hand out roses to a new fleet of lady loves?

Source: Ali's E! Bachelorette blog