Ali Fedotowsky Interviews Head of “Reality TV School”

The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky Interviews Head of “Reality TV School”

This is so meta. Ali Fedotowsky, veteran of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, recently interviewed Robert Galinsky of the New York Reality TV School about how to get on a reality TV show.

In the following Fox 5 San Diego video, Galinsky tells Ali how much energy and personality she had on The Bachelorette, which helped her stand out. He says reality producers want "a pure and true authentic person," not someone portraying a character or putting on a show. (Ali was surprised by this, since she's used to reality TV casting for "villains" and "girl next door" types.) According to him, reality TV hopefuls should try to get attention without sensationalizing or making up fake backstories. Galinsky helps people bring out what's already interesting and real about them.

People of all ages and backgrounds apply for the school, and some actors are even getting involved. Ali asks about the most popular reality shows that people want to be on, and — to her disappointment— he says Survivor and The Real World instead of The Bachelorette. The tribe has spoken, Ali!

01.11.2011 / 03:44 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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