Ali Fedotowsky Feels Bad For Nick Viall, Admits She “Almost Started Crying” (VIDEO)
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Ali Fedotowsky Feels Bad For Nick Viall, Admits She “Almost Started Crying” (VIDEO)

Have you been feeling a little bit like Nick Viall has gotten a bad rap? You’re not alone, as the Bachelorette Season 10 runner-up (and jilted Andi Dorfman lover) has a sympathizer in the unlikely form of former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky herself!

The now E! News correspondent was fittingly assigned to interview Andi’s cast-off, following the July 28 finale where the Atlanta lawyer opted for former ball player Josh Murray as her forever mate. While the two Bachelor Nation-ers had plenty to chat about — whether Nick would be the next Bachelor, if he’s still in love with the Dorf — Ali quickly got down to business about the now infamous “If you didn’t love me, why did you make love with me?” revelation at the “After the Final Rose” post-finale live special.

“I was surprised as anyone that it came out,” Nick told Ali. “What I wanted to articulate was not necessarily the act of sex, but like the intimacy and meaning behind it. I completely agree if she is not happy about it.”

That answer — along with the rest of their convo — seemed to appease Roberto Martinez’s ex, as after the interview she chose to defend McSalty and cite his seemingly heartbroken state.

“He genuinely felt bad that Andi felt bad that he brought up the whole sex thing,” Ali detailed. “He didn’t want to hurt her and he didn’t mean to, but he was just saying, ‘Sex meant more to me. Just because I’m a guy, it’s not just sex to me, it meant something to me.’ And he tried to meet with Andi multiple times before, but the Bachelor producers won’t let them meet — they want it on camera! So that was his only time to confront her about it and he needed answers, I get it.”

Not only did she totally get his feelings, Ali even revealed that she almost broke down during her chat with the 33-year-old. “I almost started crying…he genuinely seemed hurt!”

We have to hand it to Ms. Fedotowsky for being so empathetic! It’s easy right now to pile on the anti-Nick train, and she’s steering clear of all that.

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