Ali Fedotowsky Hangs With Paris Hilton in Her Closet — But Why?
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Ali Fedotowsky Hangs With Paris Hilton in Her Closet — But Why?

Ali Fedotowsky has tons of famous friends these days, and not just because she was the best Bachelorette ever to hand out roses. Like that time she chased a lying contestant down as he ran through bushes to get away from her? Gold, pure gold. That alone would make us want to be besties with the blondie who currently works as an E! News correspondent, and it seems we’re not alone.

In her new job, Ali does super cool things like going to the Olympics in Sochi to cover winter sports. That is almost the same amount of cool as that time she hung with Paris Hilton on May 1. As far as former reality stars-slash-socialites who have famous families, Paris is like the Victor An of the whole crew. (Gawd, did you not watch the Olympics at all?!) So, what was Ali doing hanging out with the “Stars Are Blind” singer?

We honestly have zero clues. Ali posted a pic of herself with her BFF (sorry Nicole Richie, you’re so 2003), captioning it “Had a ridiculously fun time raiding @ParisHilton's closet! Thanks for being so awesome Paris! @enews #CannesFilmFestival #BlingRing.” See why we’re so confused?

The movie The Bling Ring, which depicted the crew of teens who robbed celeb houses (including Paris Hilton’s, natch), hit theaters in 2013. So, unless E! is really short on news, or Ali just wanted an excuse to get into Paris’s famed closet, we really don’t know what’s happening here. We suppose you’d have to tune into the show to find out. Or, you know, just enjoy the stark contrast of Ali’s buttoned up shirt dress and girl-next-door appeal against whatever Paris is doing over there…

Why do you think Ali and Paris were hanging out? What is her caption all about? Do you still listen to Paris’s “Stars Go Blind” when you’re by yourself, like we do? It’s cool, let’s talk about it in the comments section.

Source: Ali Fedotowsky on Instagram

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