Ali Fedotowsky Picks New Bachelor Frontrunners After South Korea
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The Bachelor

Ali Fedotowsky Picks New Bachelor Frontrunners After South Korea

Halt the presses, everybody — Ali Fedotowsky is adjusting her lineup for The Bachelor 2014 frontrunners.

After Juan Pablo Galavis’s premiere, Ali named her picks for the final three: Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell, and Sharleen Joynt. But after watching our Episode 4 Seoul sisters in South Korea, the former Bachelorette added a new name to her list: Clare Crawley.

But she’s not just coming out of nowhere with some of these picks — she backed them up with behavioral observation. “Juan Pablo used the ‘bella’ line on both Sharleen and Andi and I kind of think that is his ‘tell sign,’” Ali writes in her E! News blog. “Kind of like how poker players have tell signs when they're bluffing. I think using the word ‘bella’ shows us who Juan Pablo is really into right now.”

Ali Fedotowsky Picks New Bachelor Frontrunners After South Korea
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Nice. That may sound too obvious, but we may not be dealing with the most complicated guy, if TV’s telling some truth. In a deleted scene from this week’s ep, Chris Harrison didn’t exactly mince words when he told JPG he has “a really crappy poker face.”

But Juan Papa is also not privy to the little side interviews when he’s reaching his in-season conclusions, so his take on the women may not match up with the general house view. For instance, Ali says that Nikki is likely in the clear, as far as Juan Pabs is concerned. “Even though Juan Pablo mentioned house drama to Nikki last night, I don't think he was directing it at her. So she's still one of my top choices.”

Juan Pablo also hasn’t heard the grumblings about Clare’s possessiveness. When JPG kissed Clare shortly after making his case that he didn’t want to kiss other girls, Ali said it showed he’s OK with kissing multiple women, they just have to be the right women, and Clare clearly made the cut (even though she threw up in her own mouth).

Ali Fedotowsky Picks New Bachelor Frontrunners After South Korea
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Ali’s final frontrunner choice comes straight from Juan Papa’s mouth. “As for Sharleen, he flat out told us that she was his favorite right now. If she doesn't make it to the top four, I truly believe it'll be because she decides something is not right or continues to tell Juan Pablo she's not ready to be a mom.”

Yeah, in her premiere blog Ali also shared suspicions about Sharleen: “Unfortunately I have a feeling she will eliminate herself at some point. I just don't think she's made for this.” We hope she’s wrong, because Shar is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Do you also see Andi, Nikki, Clare, and Sharleen as Juan Pablo’s four favorites? Do you think they will stay his frontrunners or could fan favorites like single mom Renee Oteri or Kelly Travis slip in there?

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