Ali Fedotowsky Reveals the Mean Thing People Say to Her on the Street
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Ali Fedotowsky Reveals the Mean Thing People Say to Her on the Street

Leave the hoop earrings at home today, because we might need to fight some folks on behalf of Ali Fedotowsky. Has the apartment danger escalated? We hope not, but today’s affront is something different it’s about our girl Ali and the way people talk to her.

In an interview with Style Solutions NYC the Season 6 Bachelorette and current E! News correspondent revealed the sidewalk assaults that constantly come at her. The issue? Of all things, her weight.

“You know how people say the camera adds 10 pounds? It’s so true!” Ali says of how life in front of the camera has changed her style. “Sometimes I’ll put on an outfit for the show and think it looks great, and then I watch E! News later that day and think the outfit made me look like I gained 10 pounds instantly.” So, what’s the problem?

Well, it’s one thing to feel critical of yourself, but perhaps because of how approachable Ali seems, people can’t keep their crit to themselves. “Sadly, people often come up to me on the street and are surprised to see that I’m skinny. People will say things like, ‘Oh my god, you’re not fat?’ Mean, I know.”

Aca-scuse us? Ali dismisses the cruelty by giving the jerks on the street the benefit of the doubt “People don’t always realize what they are saying” but we’re not so quick to be that forgiving. Ali is one of the hottest, sweetest, most genuine people ever to appear on TV. So, if those trolls need someone to talk smack to, they’d better keep walking...

Can you believe this happens to Ali on the regular?

Source: Style Solutions NYC

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