Ali Fedotowsky Says WHICH Guy Isn’t Right for Desiree Hartsock?
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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky Says WHICH Guy Isn’t Right for Desiree Hartsock?

It’s amazing that after only two episodes of The Bachelorette, we’re already finding it hard to keep in all of our feelings about Desiree Hartsock’s guys. And while some have yet to show off their bad selves, Bryden Vukasin got the chance to tell Des who he really is. Ali Fedotowsky’s take on it? Next.

I like Bryden. I think he seem like a sweet, nice guy,” the Season 6 Bachelorette says in her E! blog. But before you go thinking she’s endorsing him for king of Des’s Hart, think again. “That said, I think that Desiree gave Bryden a rose because she appreciated that he opened up to her, but I thought it was pretty obviously that they didn't have great chemistry.”

Yep, there’s nothing like showing off pictures of the time you almost died in a fiery car crash to get the sympathy vote. “She respects him, and likes him as a person, but he isn't the guy for her,” she continues.

So, why the steamy makeout sesh in the hot tub after dinner?

Ali Fedotowsky Says WHICH Guy Isn’t Right for Desiree Hartsock?
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"I think she said it out of insecurity rather than out of passion,” Ali explains. “In the hot tub all they could do was talk about how much fun they were having rather than actually have fun. I think they said some version of ‘I'm having a great time’ five times and that was just what we saw them say on camera (never mind what was edited out).”

Regardless of our opinions as viewers — for the record, Des wasn’t the only one who wanted him to shut up and kiss her — Bryden did get a rose on the date. But again, just because he got a rose, doesn’t mean Des is already growing out her blunt bangs to match his for the wedding.

“When a Bachelorette wants to give a guy a rose, she oozes passion for giving it to him. I just didn't see that in Desiree with Bryden tonight,” Al finishes. Noted. Do you agree or were you already monogramming “DV” towels after watching them hang?

Source: Ali's E! Bachelorette blog

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