Ali Larter Is Pregnant With Second Child — Watch Her Cute Announcement (VIDEO)
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Ali Larter Is Pregnant With Second Child — Watch Her Cute Announcement (VIDEO)

Ali Larter — supermom Heroes alum and current Legends star — is pregnant with her second child. Ali, 38, dropped the happy news last night (Friday, August 8) on The Tonight Show.

Ali told Jimmy Fallon, three years ago, she came on the show while she was pregnant; it went so well, she noted, "I said to my husband, 'I’m going on Fallon, you know what that means — gotta get pregnant!'" She rubbed her belly and stood as the audience cheered for Baby No. 2. (Who knew The Tonight Show was an effective fertility treatment? Bottle it!)

Ali married her writer husband Hayes MacArthur in 2009 and they welcomed their first child, son Theodore, in 2010. “It’s so exciting," Ali told Jimmy Fallon of her second pregnancy (via People). "It’s such a scary time and I’ve been trying to hide it as much as you can, and when you’re in the public eye it’s really scary in the beginning."

The Varsity Blues actress co-stars in the new Sean Bean show, Legends, and that led to some subterfuge on her own end. “I was still shooting my spy drama … I had to be a covert spy in my real life, too, so I’m wearing blazers and push-up bras and everything you can do to distract.”

But she's been honest with her now 3.5-year-old son about the new sibling ... sort of. “We’ve told him about him, and I actually will say, ‘Teddy, wait, it’s talking to you,’ and he’ll be, ‘What Mom, what’s going on?’ And I go, ‘It says that it loves Batman and was wondering if it can watch it with you?’ He goes, ‘Oh my God, Mom! Batman, I can’t even watch it, can I watch it with the baby?'" Clever! Get the kid excited about the new arrival so they can hang out together and do the fun stuff.

Congrats to the happy family! Hopefully they bookmark this video so Baby No. 2 can someday watch his/her big TV debut.

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