Ali Larter Talks Second Pregnancy and What It Means for TNT’s Legends! — Exclusive
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Ali Larter Talks Second Pregnancy and What It Means for TNT’s Legends! — Exclusive

We’ve seen Ali Larter play Legally Blonde’s Brooke Taylor Windham (who admitted to — gasp — liposuction!), a woman with superhuman strength in Heroes, and now a spy in TNT’s latest drama, Legends. But her latest role? Becoming a mother-of-two!

The 30-year-old actress recently announced her second pregnancy with her husband, writer Hayes MacArthur, and not only has she already shown off her growing belly in a bikini, but Ali just made her first red teal carpet appearance on August 20!

During the Pampers event, she celebrated the sweet mother-and-baby bonding moments at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, where Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Ali about her second pregnancy, and what this latest addition means for Legends!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What were you most excited about regarding the Pampers event?

Ali Larter: I was excited to partner with Pampers! We’re a Pampers family; my son’s been wearing them his whole life. One of the things that I know as a mom is that when your child wakes up dry, it sets the tone for the whole day. Today, we’re celebrating those morning moments when your kid wakes up and he wants to groove in his crib — when he feels great, fun, and energetic.

Does your 3-and-a-half-year-old son, Theodore, have those moments too?

Yes, he dances all the time, and for us — and now for me — it’s just exciting to be with him and start enjoying the summer.

How has your son responded to your pregnancy?

We were really nervous about it, and we read all of these books, and in the end he was like, ‘OK!’ and ran off. That was the moment we realized not to push it. We talk about it, we reference the baby, but we’re just not overdramatizing it or making it that big of a deal. He’s just a lovely little boy. He gets a lot of attention; he’s thriving, healthy, and happy. We just feel blessed.

How is the second pregnancy different from the first?

I’m just tired. During my first one, I stopped working, I sat in that heavenly glow of pregnancy, and this one I’ve been working non-stop, 14 hours a day. I just need to start relaxing soon!

Any cravings lately?

I crave everything! I wish I was like ‘Ugh, that makes me nauseous,’ or ‘Ew, that sounds so disgusting,’ but it’s not me. Absolutely everything sounds good and looks good. I’m thinking about lunch right now. It’s summertime, and I just love all the blueberry crumbles and all that kind of delicious stuff: barbecue, baked beans, barbecue chicken, cheeseburgers, and bratwurst.

Will your pregnancy affect filming your new show, Legends?

We’re wrapped! The baby will probably be born before we go back for a second season. Fingers crossed that the audience keeps connecting with the show and tunes in and really enjoys it.

Judging by how we’re already hooked on Legends, we think it’s safe to say Ali has nothing to worry about!