Teen Mom 2

Ali Simms Opens Up About Her Muscular Dystrophy (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 2's Season 5B premiere was just as emotional we thought it would be (note: we were curled up in the fetal position for an hour). Our hearts were breaking all over the place when Leah Messer's daughter, Aliannah Simms, opened up about her developmental disability.

Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy after years of testing, and it seems like this little lady is a lot more aware of her condition than her parents initially thought. In this heart-wrenching clip from the premiere, Leah sits down for lunch with Ali and her grandmother, Dawn, and explains that Ali knows all about her diagnosis.

"Ali, who told you you had that, what do you have?" Leah asks Ali, who adorably responds "Um, muscular dystrophy." This gal also revealed that she remembered her doctor telling her about the diagnosis.

Obviously, Leah reassured Ali that the developmental setback wouldn't prevent her from accomplishing all her dreams. "Ali's gonna do anything she wants to do, right?" this southern belle tells her kiddo. "Whenever she wants to do it. That we're not gonna speak it into existence. You're gonna pinkie promise me, right?"

All three of Leah's daughters are lucky to have such a dedicated mom, but the real star of this clip is Ali, who handles her diagnosis with bravery and an amazing attitude. This little gal is the tops!

Source: OK! Magazine