Alicia Keys Wants Gwen Stefani Fired From ‘The Voice’ Season 12  — Report
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Alicia Keys Wants Gwen Stefani Fired From ‘The Voice’ Season 12 — Report


It’s hard to imagine two women known for such positive energy butting heads, but that’s  reportedly the case for superstars Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani.


The R&B songstress is reportedly attempting to get No Doubt’s frontwoman kicked off of Season 12 of The Voice, all because of her loyalty and friendship to previous judge Miley Cyrus.


“Alicia and Gwen have never really liked each other, and have been in competition for most of their lives,” an insider revealed to RadarOnline.


They continued, “Because Alicia and Miley got super close last season, Alicia is desperately trying to give Gwen a hard time so she does not return next season!”


Gwen’s boyfriend and fellow judge Blake Shelton has reportedly already spoken to the “Fallin’” singer about the beef, but couldn’t come to an agreement that made all parties happy.


Good thing for Gwen, she reportedly has a stronger connection with NBC execs and likely won’t be going anywhere.

“Gwen knows that she has more pull that Alicia does, because she has a super solid relationship with all of the executives on the show,” the insider added.


Alicia’s repertoire of female anthems and sisterhood empowerment records has us giving this report the side-eye. 

Do you believe Alicia really has beef with Gwen? Over Miley? Sound off below.