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“Real Life Rapunzel’s” Hair Goes Past Her Feet, Weighs More Than Her Cat


While celebs like Katy Perry are hopping on the buzz-cut trend, Aliia Nasyrova is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The Riga, Latvia resident has been growing out her brown tresses for 20 years... and she has the measurements to prove it!

The 27-year-old's 'do measures 90 inches long and weighs 4.5 pounds — the same weight as her cat, she admits to Barcroft TV.

In fact, her hair is pretty much another member of the family. Not only does it get its own spot in the bed with her and husband Ivan Balaban, but it also determines the couple's vacation schedule.

Her hair takes 20 minutes to wash and an entire day to dry without a blowdryer. So when Aliia and Ivan want to go away, they plan the whole trip around it. That is dedication!

Her husband also "talks to the braid respectfully" and "asks it to move sometimes."

As far as going out in public, she gets looks everywhere she goes. While some people envy the style and wish they could grow theirs to that length, others would never want that responsibility.

Watch the video below for more on Aliia's unique style!