Dancing With the Stars Host Tom Bergeron Talks All-Stars Season Fail
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Host Tom Bergeron Talks All-Stars Season Fail

We love Dancing With the Stars for the excitement of watching a star completely transform from a clueless dancer to a seasoned stepper, but last spring, that wasn’t part of the show’s equation.

For Season 15, DWTS brought back a dozen fan favorites and previous winners for an All-Stars season, and though in theory it was awesome to see talented celebs and pros battle it out, the ratings didn’t reflect that; in fact, the season basically tanked.

There are a lot of theories for why it didn’t work, but we’re not going to go through all of those. Instead, we’ll let host Tom Bergeron take the reigns, who talked to The Hollywood Reporter during a reality competition roundtable about their admitted casting fails.

“We did an all-star season last fall with Dancing With the Stars, and the numbers went down. We all thought, ‘This is going to be great, all the people that you've loved before" — it was like The Avengers of ballroom dancing. But it wasn't,” he admitted. “What we heard — and I wish my wife had told me this before we started, because she said [it, too] — is ‘I like it better when they're struggling. I like to see the arc.’”

This makes sense, especially considering that Season 16 fan favorite Andy Dick made it so far in the competition because of his struggles — everyone loves an underdog! However, there is something to be said about seeing familiar faces, so maybe All-Stars will end up being something that happens like a Leap Year; only every four seasons.

Would you like to see more All-Stars, or do you think it should be done for good? Sound off below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter