Althea Heart and Benzino’s Co-Stars React to the Couple’s Engagement — It’s Not Pretty!
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Althea Heart and Benzino’s Co-Stars React to the Couple’s Engagement — It’s Not Pretty!

Although Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 stars Benzino and Althea Heart have been engaged for quite some time, fans just got to see Zino get down on one knee at the close of Monday night’s episode. Now that these two are officially on the road to wedded bliss, VH1 asked co-stars Rasheeda Frost, Tammy Rivera, Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust, Erica Dixon, and Karlie Redd what they thought of the upcoming union and guys, they had a lot to say.

“She seems like someone who can balance him out,” Tammy said. “He’s kind of old and he’s needs to settle down. She seems like a good match for him. She seems like a sweet girl. I think it could be a forever moment if they don’t let the outside factors get inside.” Rasheeda, however, had other feelings: “They’re confusing. They’ve got that Bobby and Whitney [relationship]. Rest in peace Whitney. They’ve got that turn-up-love.”

While Rasheeda may not have been too far off the beaten track about Benzino and Althea’s love — which Althea sang about in her “Ghetto Love” track — her comments were pretty tame compared to what the other women had to say.

Joseline said, “That relationship ain’t going to last because she don’t want him for him. She’s an opportunist. She’s in it for the moment and she want to be a star. Once again, she like an old lady. Because she like 45 too. About 39, 38 and she never made it. She claims to have a record label. Bitch you ain’t never had no record label and you’re not about to get one now. Not at your age. You gotta compete with hoes like me. Give it up. Hang it up. That’s not going to last.”

As for Benzino’s ex, Karlie? Well, she says Benzino and Althea’s relationship was a “No. 1 mistake. A mistake that’s going to fail,” with her friend Erica adding, “The one that’s up in the club? Mistake! Fail! Um? Fail! She was there for Stevie and Nikko too. Okay next!”

Surprisingly, Mimi, whose boyfriend Nikko used to date Althea, was pretty fair with her answer: “I don’t know Ms. Althea. But I do know from what I do know about Benzino, that Benzino loves to be in love so I hope he made the right decision with this one. I hope he doesn’t find out some things about her that you know will make them not work out. I mean maybe she tightened it up for him. I don’t know.”

Wow. Doesn’t anyone believe in true love anymore?

What do you think about Benzino and Althea tying the knot? Do you think she’s right for Benzino? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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