Althea Heart Plans to Sue Joseline Hernandez Over Reunion Show Brawl
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Althea Heart Plans to Sue Joseline Hernandez Over Reunion Show Brawl

During the airing of Part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Reunion on Monday, August 25, fans caught a glimpse of the brawl that erupted on set involving Stevie J..; his wife, Joseline Hernandez; Benzino; and Zino’s fiancée, Althea Heart. Joseline pulled no punches (pun intended) about the affair, and took to Instagram with several stills of her and Stevie on the brink of their explosive fight. And while Joseline is pretty pleased with herself for having taken down “3 hoes in 1 hour,” Althea’s fighting back — legally.

According to TMZ, Althea filed a lawsuit against Joseline, who was caught on camera lunging at and attacking a seated Althea during taping. But guys, it gets even more serious. In the lawsuit, Althea claims that eyewitnesses saw Joseline backstage during the show smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe, and Althea alleges Joseline was high on drugs when she attacked. Yikes!

Interestingly enough, however, the suit makes no mention of the show, network, or producers — despite Benzino’s hints that co-executive producer Mona Scott Young was behind the attack and rewarded Joseline for her off-the-wall antics.

This isn’t the first time a co-star has called Joseline’s sobriety into question. Her former booking agent Dawn (who made an appearance this season), also accused Joseline and Stevie of drug abuse. Adding insult to injury, Stevie J. tested positive for marijuana and cocaine back in June after an arrest on charges related to back child support.

From the looks of next week’s episode, the rest of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast mates aren’t too keen on Joseline’s alleged drug-fueled behavior, and it’s even rumored the cast banded together to get Joseline kicked off the show!

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all unfolds.

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Source: TMZ, Joseline Hernandez on Instagram