Just FYI, Bachelor Alumni Want You to Know It’s Raining in L.A.
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Just FYI, Bachelor Alumni Want You to Know It’s Raining in L.A.

We count on Bachelor alumni to get us through our days. Whether we’re celebrating their engagements from afar, mourning their losses over Twitter, or just plain following them around the Internet, we heart em hard for doing so much for us. While haters gonna hate, they’d probably reconsider if they knew that today, Bachelor Nation banded together for a purpose: to inform the Twittersphere that it’s raining, in Los Angeles.

It’s like they have ESPN or something, because there’s at least a 30 percent chance that it was already raining when half of the residents of L.A. informed us in 140 characters or less that it was going down. Literally.

So, let’s just take a moment, and review these messages as though they’re audition tapes, admiring the various ways these rose-sniffers pass on the important current events around them. Thanks, guys, we don’t know what we’d do without your deep and informative tweets.

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“I know you all hate it but I am LOVING this rain!” she tweeted.

“Getting a late start on my day so I can lie in bed and listen to the rain," followed by another notice.

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