Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas’s Freestyle on Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals (VIDEO)
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Dancing With The Stars

Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas’s Freestyle on Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals (VIDEO)

On Dancing With the Stars 2013’s Finals, Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas brought out all the tricks in their bag for the Freestyle round. This naturally included Aly’s gymnastic skills and strength training, but we never expected to see stripper poles in a routine!

They went for height (even though Mark is scared of heights), using platforms and “vertical bars” to showcase “everything she has learned throughout the season.” The crazy lighting and glow-in-the-dark stairs behind them as they flipped and spun around was an impressive start, using a techno track definitely setting themselves apart from everyone else. The “futuristic” feel came off as a better theme than they’ve done all season, especially as they killed it on the shaky poles, climbing almost all the way up to the top and using them to kind of dance, but mostly just spin around and show off their physical strength.

“That was futuristic with a touch of exotic … different, unexpected — I’ve never seen anything like it,” Bruno raved. “That was so much fun,” Carrie Ann said, noting that she “worked a pole” back in the day and was super impressed. “That is one of the most amazing routines I’ve seen on Dancing With the Stars.” Len agreed, saying he loved the concept and dubbing her “Alexandra the Great.” This ultimately landed them a perfect score of 30/30!

What did you think of Aly and Mark’s “futuristic” performance? Too cool or too weird? Sound off below!

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