Amanda Bynes: I’m In Love and Getting Married!
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Amanda Bynes: I’m In Love and Getting Married!

It's time to grab your fanciest wig because Amanda Bynes is getting hitched!

The unpredictable star took to Twitter this week to inform the world that she is in love with a mystery hunk and plans to get married to the lucky guy.

Amanda tweeted:

Say what? These tweets are puzzling for numerous reasons. One, we hadn't realized that Amanda was in such a serious relationship, as we haven't anything about her apparent paramour. And two, we're surprised to learn that Amanda is back to loving Drake, given that she appears to flip-flop about his looks on a minute-by-minute basis.

Sure enough, about a day after comparing her new man to Drake, she then offered this insightful commentary: "Drake Is Ugly." Apparently, the Amanda-Drake lovefest is off again.

So do you think Amanda will really get married? And who do you think she's dating? Regardless, we're wishing her relationship all the best, and we look forward to seeing Amanda doing the Chicken Dance in her wedding gown in the near future.

Source: Twitter