Amanda Bynes to Miley Cyrus: “Ur Ugly”
Credit: Amanda Bynes on Twitter    


Amanda Bynes to Miley Cyrus: “Ur Ugly”

Congrats, Miley Cyrus! You've finally joined Amanda Bynes's "ugly" club. Take a seat next to Rihanna, Drake and a bunch of other people.

Everyone is "ugly" to Amanda — except "gorgeous" guys like Liam Hemsworth. So maybe it was only a matter of time before Amanda took on Liam's (ex?) fiancee, Miley.

Amanda shared this tweet early morning on June 12:

Hey now! That's Maxim's hottest woman you're dissing there.

Shouldn't former child stars stick together instead of always seeming to attack each other? Maybe Amanda will deny this tweet later, like saying her account was hacked when she posted that Chris Brown hit Rihanna because she wasn't pretty enough.

Source: @AmandaBynes