Amanda Bynes’ Psych Hold Could Cost Her Over $1 Million
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Amanda Bynes’ Psych Hold Could Cost Her Over $1 Million

Amanda Bynes better see if she can get her wig person to give her a tough times discount, because it looks like the former Nickelodeon star’s deep pockets are about to be a lot lighter.

Amanda, whose stay at UCLA Medical Center was just extended, keeping her there for at least 60 days (and possibly as long as a year), will be paying an arm and a leg to keep her particular brand of mental illness properly attended to and medicated.

TMZ reports that Amanda will be paying $3500 a day to be kept under lock and key while doctors work toward an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan — and, as an added, free benefit, keep her from setting fires and harassing other celebs on Twitter.

Should Amanda stick it out for an entire 365 days, she’ll rack up a $1,277,500 bill for her stay, which her SAG insurance will only a tiny portion of.

While that type of dough may have been no big deal to the Amanda who loved tweeting selfies from her bathroom, in reality, her financial situation is far more precarious, according to her parents.

Prior to her mental health vacation, Amanda’s parents were under the impression that she had already blown $1.2 million of her $4 million fortune, with a “substantial amount” being given in exchange for various illicit substances.

Whether or not that's true, she's a far cry from her days of $2.5 million earnings, back when she had her own TV show and was starring in $34 million grossing movies like She's the Man. Her earning potential earned her a rank of 5th on Forbes's list of top-earning Hollywood stars under 21 in 2007. However, no matter how many times she says she's "in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth," the twins outdid her even then, with a combined $40 million in earnings for that year.

Even if the bill does come out to over a million, we're hoping that Amanda can get her groove back in time to re-amass her fortune.

Amanda has been at the UCLA Medical Center since August 15 after previously being held at a treatment center in Ventura County.

Being in the facility for a year is a little unprecedented. Lindsay Lohan's recently completed rehab stay was just 30 days, but a detox is perhaps the least of Amanda's problems. Catherine Zeta-Jones entered treatment for bipolar disorder twice earlier this year, and stayed for a little under a month the first time — but she's been dealing with her condition her whole life, while this is Amanda's first time in treatment. Every case is different, and maybe a whole year of sorting through her childhood in the spotlight is what she needs. (Although, realistically, we bet it'll at least be closer to 60 days than 365.)

If she can still afford her treatment, we can’t think of any better use for her money than staying at a place that will help her recover.

Good luck, Amanda!

09.3.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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