Amanda Bynes Tweets About Drake Bell Hookups, Denies it Later (UPDATE)

UPDATE: It actually looks like the Drake tweet came from parody Twitter account called @ArnandaBynes. So Amanda wasn't technically hacked, but she's being copied so closely that it's almost the same thing. That account — which just uses "rn" to look like the "m" of Amanda — is set up to look exactly like Amanda's real account. But as the real Amanda tweeted, when denying the Drake Bell note, "I didn't tweet this, that's what happened when I called @drake ugly, I didn't write that!" So be sure to check @AmandaBynes for what she really said, not the parody account. As a silver lining, she never really thought you were ugly, Drake! (Except she did really tweet about Drake being ugly.)

Original story:

This wouldn’t be the first time Amanda tweeted something shocking and then denied she ever wrote it, like her mini non-feud with Jenny McCarthy, or that time she called Drake ugly — but this is certainly the most scandalous thing so far.

Over the weekend, Amanda tweeted some... colorful things about fellow Nickelodeon child star, Drake Bell:

When reading that tweet, keep in mind that would make Amanda 13 when the... erm, happenings occurred, and Drake B. 12 or 13. Yikes!

For what it’s worth, the tweet in question was quickly deleted — Amanda totally denies that she ever wrote it.

Amanda Bynes Tweets About Drake Bell Hookups, Denies it Later (UPDATE)
Credit: Amanda Bynes on Twitter    

We’re not sure if Amanda has really been Twitter-hacked, although if she was, it’s a friendly jokester that just wants to call Drake (the rapper) ugly, yell at Jenny McCarthy, and spread rumors about teen stars, apparently. What do you think?

05.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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