Amanda Stanton Hangs Out With Emily Maynard Ex Jef Holm (PHOTOS)
Jef Holm and Amanda Stanton
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Amanda Stanton Hangs Out With Emily Maynard Ex Jef Holm (PHOTOS)


Amanda Stanton and Emily Maynard already had a lot in common — and now you can add Jef Holm to that list!

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Ben Higgins’s contestant has garnered comparisons to the former Bachelorette all season long on Bachelor 2016, thanks to their share hair color, single motherhood, and sweetly high-pitched voices. Even Emily herself noticed the similarities!

Over the weekend, however, Amanda took things to another level when she hung out with her predecessor’s ex-fiancé and Season 8 final pick, Jef. The 25-year-old shared footage of the two together at what appeared to be some sort of day party on Snapchat.

The first shot showed the Cali girl and 31-year-old getting cozy for a selfie, with the former doing the go-to face of ladies her age: duckface.

Jef Holm and Amanda Stanton
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In another video posted around the same time, the pair strike a more serious pose in the bright sun, with the caption “Smooth AF.”

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Jef Holm and Amanda Stanton
Credit: Snapchat    

We have to say, it’s hard not to notice how much the esthetician looks like Em in that pic! Guess Jef has a type!

Now, we’re not sure whether these photos indicate anything more than a friendship, but if there is some romantic interest here, the People Water entrepreneur should take note of his former betrothed’s advice.

“Just follow her lead,” Emily advises to those trying to date 3-year-old Kinsley and 1-year-old Charlie’s mama. “A lot of guys on my season tried way too hard to show me they’re the ‘cool uncle’ and that was weird and awkward.”

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Then again, this may have just been a casual Bachelor Nation run-in — something Jef’s been known to do. Just last year, he hung out with Kaitlyn Bristowe prior to her Bachelorette run.

The Bachelor Season 20 finale airs tonight, March 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.