‘BIP’ Star Amanda Stanton and Ex Josh Murray’s Mom Feud on Instagram
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Amanda Stanton

‘BIP’ Star Amanda Stanton and Ex Josh Murray’s Mom Feud on Instagram


When word broke that Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes are dating after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, we knew it would cause a few shockwaves.

More specifically, we expected to see some sort of response to it from Amanda’s ex-fiancé Josh Murray. However, he’s been radio silent — and seemingly preoccupied with other reality stars.

His mother, on the other hand, has been less so.

A little background on Josh’s fiercely protective mom, Lauren aka “Momma Murray.”

Fans may recall meeting the matriarch during Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette season, but her biggest imprint on the franchise has been her outspoken nature on social media.

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Most recently, she was accused by Amanda’s pals Lauren Bushnell and Emily Ferguson of creating fake Instagram accounts to troll all of them and spread rumors.

Reality Steve had alluded to the bad blood between Lauren Murray and her former almost-daughter-in-law, but we thought that’d died down — until now.

It all started with the news of Amanda’s new relationship, which comes just months after the messy on-again, off-again roller coaster with Josh finally ended.

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In response to the new couple, a fan Instagram account called Bachelor Bruhhh posted a meme of what appeared to be Amanda kissing Robby, Ben Higgins, Nick Viall, and Josh Murray.

In reality, it was her head photoshopped on JoJo Fletcher’s head in one of the pics, and two other shots with her lookalike former co-star Leah Block. Still, it was enough to get people fired up…

From her own Instagram account, Lauren Murray commented on the post writing “Wow” alongside three laugh-crying emojis.

That didn’t go over well with the Cali girl, who responded calling her a “psycho,” thus launching a bit of a war between the two in the comments.

“I have blocked her in every way possible many months ago,” Josh’s mom wrote. “How she knows what I post I have no idea and why she cares what I post I find even more disconcerting. Everyone has moved on a long time ago.”

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Kinsley and Charlie’s mom replied, “Lauren - You say you blocked me and want nothing to do with me yet find posts related to me and comment on them.

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“I’m sorry you lack social skills and don’t see how that is innapropriate[sic]/childish/slightly creepy. I shouldn’t need to explain to you why it’s wrong like you’re a 5 year old child,” she continued.

She finished, “I will never go out of my way to harass you…however I WILL call you out every time you do it to me because I’m tired of it.

“Hopefully I’m squashing this before the show airs and you make 10000 fake accounts to troll me like usual. I pray you find peace!”

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At first, Mrs. Murray tried to reason that her initial post was simply her having a laugh.

“I’m getting a lot of grief for liking your humor and saying ‘Wow,’” she directed at the Instagram account. “This ‘old lady’ of 53 has a sense of humor & appreciates yours.”

But Amanda had a response for that, as well, noting that when people make fun of Josh, they’re “bullies” and need “love over hate,” but when she does it she has a “sense of humor.

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Eventually, Lauren changed her tune — though she made sure to add that “Bachelor nation sure is incestuous,” a clear dig at Amanda.

“I would like to apologize for commenting on this picture & starting a flurry of negativity,” she stated. “My thought when I saw it was Wow, bachelor nation sure is incestuous.”

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“I harbor no ill will towards Amanda or anyone. I wish her & her precious girls nothing but love & happiness. Life is just too short & too wonderful for any of us to spend in hate & bitterness. I’m sorry again & will not make this mistake again,” she concluded.

It seems like her 27-year-old sparring partner isn’t over the exchange, though, as she tweeted the following afterwards:

“I may have worn my overalls inside out to drop the girls off at camp but I will never obsess over their ex's [sic] & troll them on social media.”

As for Josh, he has somehow remained out of this war. In fact, he recently warned his mom to “stop feeding into” the internet hate.

Just a week before the blow up with Amanda, Josh replied to a (now private) tweet from his mom where she complained about trolls.

“Then stay away from social media and stop feeding into it!” he fired back.

Maybe she should’ve heeded his warning, just sayin’.