Amber Portwood Craves Drugs on an “Almost Everyday Basis”
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Amber Portwood Craves Drugs on an “Almost Everyday Basis”

It's almost been a year since Amber Portwood escaped the slammer following a 17-month incarceration, and she's definitely come a long way.

Amber was locked up thanks to opting out of her drug court program, and while in jail, she overcame her addiction to Fentanyl patches. Amber's remained sober since her release, but she still struggles with the urge to do drugs.

"I didn’t realize when I did get out that I would have even more temptation out here than I would in there,” Amber tells “And I had to prepare myself for that.”

Amber copes with her cravings by surrounding herself with friends, family, and positive energy. “I don’t go out really. I stay with friends and family. I moved 20 minutes away, to a small town — and I’m just trying to do everything right,” she explains.

“A lot of times it just depends on what I’m feeling, if I’m depressed or I’m sad or I’m bored, I have to learn to cope with it and I have to learn to do things. If I’m bored, I’ll call somebody or I’ll go do something or I’ll take a drive.”

Depression is something that Amber will have to live with for the rest of her life (she was diagnosed as bipolar), and she's currently unmedicated. "I probably do need to be on medication for my bipolar but I kind of messed that up to where, at this moment, I don’t feel I would be strong enough to go to a doctor," she says. "I’m just afraid."

Amber worries that she'll form an addiction to prescription pills, but luckily she knows her own boundaries. “The one thing about an addict is that there’s so many temptations and if you know your temptations, you stay away from it,” she says.

“And I’m not about to put myself in that position right now until I feel like I am completely ready. But it is hard. There are times where I’m really depressed, where it’s really hard and it’s not necessarily my fault."

It's easy to understand why Amber still craves the escape that drugs give her, but she's strong enough to overpower temptation. "It is very easy to go back to doing drugs because you don’t want to feel that way,” she said. “You just have to stay strong and remember what you’re doing and move forward.”

Amber prepared herself for life post-jail by doing 500 hours of rehab classes, but she says her cravings bother her "on an almost everyday basis."

Hopefully, this gal will remain strong and find comfort in her loved ones!


08.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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